How to get a protected Wi-Fi network during summer

It is summertime, and we know that a lot of our readers are about to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. This is the ideal time to relax and get some rest, but it is also the time to manage our Wi-Fi network because unscrupulous people appear during summertime.

The main security measure to protect your Wi-Fi network is to keep a close eye on the devices connected to it. We can do this by going into the router’s settings and checking user registration (the name may change slightly depending on the router). There we will see a list of every device connected to the network.

With this information, we will be able to see if we have any unwanted guests so we can take the necessary measures to enhance our Wi-Fi network’s security. Having said this, we recommend you to take a look at the guide we published last year, as you will find 6 recommendations that will help you to get a completely secure Wi-Fi network.

Parental control during summer: a must-have

During summer, children have a lot of free time and they can browse the web for more hours. This is why it is convenient to adjust the parental control settings, as this will prevent our children from using their free time to access inappropriate web content that could be harmful and contain malware.

Manufacturers like AVM have routers with entire software platforms that make it easier for us to set totally custom parental control measures. AVM’s routers also have a feature that lets us completely manage our Wi-Fi network to act accordingly if need be.

Besides this, we need to take advantage of dedicated mobile apps like MyFRITZ!App, which is available on iOS and Android. Said app allows us to access our FRITZ!Box remotely, which means that we can manage our network and smart home devices wherever we are. Apps like FRITZ!App Cam are great during summer because they allow us to turn a mobile device into a webcam that we can use remotely to keep an eye on specific areas in our house.

If you are going away, you should unplug the router to make sure thet unwanted guests will not be able to connect to your Wi-Fi network.