Microsoft “confirms” the Surface Phone but not in the way you think

Is Microsoft really working on the Surface Phone? Surface chief Panos Panay posted a caricature-like image on Twitter that gives us glimpses of the device.

This information arrives after a leaked email unveiled some details of a “pocketable” Surface device, which would have a ground-breaking dual-screen design and a hinge. Besides, it would offer features that would put it halfway between a PC and a smartphone. Microsoft’s plan is to deliver a new format that would be a turning point in the industry, although ground-breaking ideas and powerful technologies are not always successful in terms of sales.

Going back to Panos Panay’s tweet, the message says “Huge thanks to LG Display for the awesome caricature.” It seems that the picture is really from the South Korean company LG, which looks to be the one providing the screens for the Surface Phone. This leaves the door open for LCD displays instead of OLED ones.

Microsoft is keeping what would be its next phone under wraps. In fact, few details have been unveiled so far. There are a lot of rumors like the one claiming that everything would be under the Microsoft Andromeda project, which in turn would develop a new OS dubbed Andromeda OS based on Windows 10. However, we keep saying that there is little confirmed information so far.

Surface Phone concept

Due to the lack of information and based on official patents and concepts previously shown, several graphics designers have envisioned what the device could look like. One of the best concept artworks was done by David Breyer. According to The Verge, David’s concept images might be the most accurate representation of what Microsoft is currently developing in its labs.

One of the designs shows two different modes: a gaming mode and a productivity-focused mode. One of the screens would show the content and the other one would be a virtual controller with several buttons, a D-Pad and motion controllers.

This is a really ambitious move. The Redmond giant is building up huge expectations around the Surface Phone. Some media outlets think the phone could be unveiled by year’s end. However, there is no official launch date yet. Once he assumed the Windows Phone’s huge failure, Microsoft’s CEO explained that the company would only go back to the phone market with a truly “new and original” device that could offer a game-changing experience and could be capable of prompting the creation of a brand new device category so Microsoft’s OEM partners could use it, like it happened with the 2-in-1 Surface Pro. This is all for now. Just rumors.