Opera 54 is now available to deliver a more personal experience

Opera Software has released Opera 54, the browser’s latest version, for Windows, Linux and Mac. For the past 5 years, the browser has been based on Chromium, the same technology Chrome and Vivaldi use.

This time, we get 2 new features. The first feature allows users to set up a personalized news feed on Speed Dial’s main page. The second feature makes it possible to recover the browser and its settings easily thanks to a new Update and Recovery section, which can be seen in and accessed from the menu, offering users two possibilities:

  • Update: as expected, it allows us to update the app.
  • Recovery: it allows users to fix the browser if it is not working well via two options. The first option is to reset Opera including search engines, pinned tabs and settings. The second option is to reset the app entirely, clearing user data (extensions, bookmarks, history, saved passwords, cookies and other temporary data).

There is a button in Speed Dial that takes us to Personal News, which shows the feed set up by the user. Once we are there, we can see up to 50 headlines that will open up a new tab to load the article. This feature can be enabled via Appearance > Show News.

Users can filter the content by category. Click the Settings button on the right to change language and country source. The Personal News button was added in Opera 39.

Opera 54.0 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be downloaded through here.