The AMD Threadripper 2990X will cost €1,509

The latest reports that we read about the Threadripper 2990X confirm it is a high-performance processor that has 32 cores and 64 threads capable of easily delivering 4 GHz. However, we lack details about a possible price point.

This is key, as AMD has decided to make its Ryzen and Threadripper processors more affordable than Intel’s Core and Core Extreme processors in order to achieve a better quality-price ratio.

Thanks to an early listing, we were able to confirm that AMD will continue that trend with the Threadripper 2990X. As you can see in the image below, the processor has been listed for €1,509. This is a great price that is between the €1,399 of the Core i9 7960X (16 cores and 32 threads) and the €1,899 of the Core i9 7980XE (18 cores and 36 threads).

We mention those two Intel models so you have an idea of how great the Threadripper 2990X is, as it costs less than a Core i9 7980XE but has twice the amount of cores and threads.

In terms of this new processor’s key features, we know that it will be based on AMD’s Zen+ architecture and manufactured on a 12 nm process. Every performance improvement implemented during that generation (like reduction in both cache latency and DRAM latency) will be present. This means that the processor will be similar to, or even slightly better than, Intel Skylake-X processors in terms of single thread performance.

Second-gen Treadripper will be compatible with X399-based motherboards and TR4 sockets, meaning that processors can be replaced without having to get a new motherboard. Although it is not confirmed yet, we might have to update the BIOS before installing the processor.